Home Inspections: What to Expect -The Arizona Report™ Real Estate Podcast #1
  • NoDDC No Desert EDGE Scottsdale Arizona

The DDC: A Tourist Event Center that Will Bleed Money

We think the size and scope of the Desert EDGE operations warrant a public vote. The proponents of Desert EDGE don’t believe a vote is necessary, but they are wrong.

  • desert edge discovery education center Scottsdale Sonoran Desert

Is a Proposed World-Class Desert Experience Being Poisoned in Scottsdale?

The project is Desert EDGE, a brilliantly conceived environmental and educational immersion experience...

  • michael-micheletti-unison-buyer-down-payment

Shared Down Payment Option for Buyers Through Unison

Shared Down Payment Option for Buyers Through Unison Even if you have a stellar credit [...]

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